The Orchards Accommodation

The Orchards have a range of modern, well-equipped caravans with a choice of layouts to suit every family and budget.

Great Caravans

Great Caravans

All Haven’s caravans will make your holiday a home from home. With large amounts of space, modern fixtures and fittings and the most attractive furnishings.

Top of the Range The Orchards

Top of the Range

You can pick a top of the range caravan with all the comforts of home.

Mid Priced Caravans The Orchards

Mid Priced Caravans

Great family Caravans for all the family to enjoy, and have plenty of space.

Budget Caravans  The Orchards

Budget Caravans

Great value holiday homes that do not compromise on quality and fit the bill perfectly.

Budget Caravans  The Orchards

Please Note

The range of caravans or other accommodation may vary from park to park.


I have visited the touring field many times, always had a great time but over the last year I have noticed that the warden on there the female one Ann, that it's not been as clean as it used to be and that she is either in the office on her phone or sitting at the table smoking and drinking tea it like she does care any more, I was there this week and a young man was there not Ann I could not believe how clean he kept it, he did not stop if he was not checking people in he was cleaning or getting the weeding done or doing the road or some other job, the difference was unbelievable it looked great best I see it look down on there, he did not stop even the place where you get rid of waist water smelled nice, I was there till Saturday night and Ann came back on Friday and could not believe it, not much cleaning was done the bucket and mop never left her office and floors in toilets were not swept at all that young man needs to be praise and given a well done I hope he is there when I come back in September.

We've just returned from here and really enjoyed our stay. It was out first family holiday and we chose the stay option. Our caravan was spotless and in a good location (103 Lakelands) yes there was a little noise after the entertainment finished but we did not experience cars racing round the park as previous reviews suggest (being a light sleeper I would know). The shanty town between both sides of the park was a bit odd but there was good access to the beach and the park provided everything we wanted. Staff were very friendly in the supermarket and Mash and Barrel which we ate in once and was happy with. Thanks for a lovely stay.

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